About Winter Village

In efforts to support the lockdown set out by our provincial government, the lights throughout The Distillery District are turned off and will remain off until the end of the lockdown. The Distillery District is open daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm for curbside pickup, take-out and essential services until further notice. Please check with the stores directly for their individual hours of operation.


If you are visiting the site, please social distance, ensure you wear a mask indoors and outdoors, and adhere to all provincial lockdown directives.


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What happened to the Toronto Christmas Market?

As we continue to work together through these challenging and unprecedented times, the health and well-being of our patrons is of the utmost importance. Every year, The Distillery District typically welcomes over 700,000 people to The Toronto Christmas Market, over a six-week period. Given the pandemic and the number of patrons who attend this event, we regret to advise that, for the first time in 11 years, The Toronto Christmas Market will be cancelled, as the crowds are just too large for safe physical distancing. This year, we have curated the Winter Village experience for guests to enjoy while shopping for the season.

Are tickets required?

During the holidays, there will be no paid entrance fees, tickets, or reserved time slots for the Distillery’s Winter Village.

Please note: On Friday evenings and weekends there will be security to monitor traffic and if capacity is reached, we will take measures to control traffic and may impose temporary closures to allow safe physical distancing. Follow us on Instagram for live updates – @DistilleryTO

How do I get to the Distillery District?

If possible, we recommend taking public transportation. The Distillery District is conveniently located along many streetcar and bus routes, and is only a 20 minute walk from Union Station. Click here for detailed instructions on how to get here.

Do the retailers offer curbside pickup?

Many of the retailers at The Distillery District offer curbside pickup options. If you are interested in curbside pickup, place your order with the retail store directly, then park in our designated “Curbside Pickup Zone” for up to 30 minutes while you retrieve your order. Click here to view Curbside Pick Up Map.

Can I shop online at your retailers?

Definitely! For a list of all retailers at The Distillery District, please click here. If you want to shop from the comfort of your home this season, we encourage you to support our local retailers by visiting their e-commerce websites. Most of our retailers have online shopping available with delivery across Canada.

Where should I park?

Public parking is available at various locations at or nearby The Distillery District. Parking is available along Distillery Lane (Green P #230), and on P1 at 70 Distillery Lane (Green P #267). You can pay for parking through the Green P app or at the parking meter on-site.

Is the Distillery District accessible?

The Distillery Historic District is an accessible site and provides for mobility-accessible parking, ramp access to buildings, shops and restaurants, washrooms with child changing facilities, and wheelchair accessible stalls. We remind all visitors of the Distillery District that the historic streets inside the District are made of cobblestone and are naturally uneven in some locations.

What vendor cabins will be at the Winter Village?

In order to increase our capacity, there will be no external vendor cabins this year. Some retailers may have extended patios and carts to offer outside service to guests.

Will there be any performances?

This year there will be no live performances or entertainment. There will be a programmed digital exhibit located in Trinity Square. Please check our website for more details.

I am worried about crowds, what should I know?

We do recommend that you plan your visits during the weekdays, as the traffic is considerably less during these times. We will have additional staff on-site to monitor capacity. If there is a risk that we are exceeding our capacity to safely distance, our entrances will be closed until traffic subsides. Before visiting, check our Instagram page for live updates, in case we have reached our capacity limits.

What precautions will The Distillery District be taking regarding Covid-19?

The health and safety of our tenants, visitors, customers and all members of the Distillery District community are of the highest priority to us. As part of The Distillery’s efforts to combat the spread of the virus, we have already implemented additional precautionary measures including increased signage to promote physical distancing, increased cleaning – especially in high traffic areas, regular use of medical-grade cleaning products, hand sanitizers on-site, and a site-wide application of the ÆGIS Treatment ProgramTM. We will also monitor the number of visitors and close entrances until traffic subsides, if necessary.

Do you offer tours of the Distillery District?

Go Tours Canada is on-site and they offer walking tours through the Distillery District. Click here for more details and to book your tour.

Can I rent a wheelchair or scooter?

Unfortunately, there are no scooters or wheelchair rentals available at the Distillery District.

Are pets allowed to visit the Winter Village?

Your furry friends are welcome to visit The Distillery’s Winter Village! Please note, pets are not permitted on restaurant patios or inside restaurants due to health and safety regulations. If you bring you pet, please be sure to pick up after them and always keep them on a leash.

Am I allowed to take professional pictures during the Winter Village?

Yes! However, you must obtain a photo permit for commercial photos or video. Please click here for more information.

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