We are currently accepting vendors for the following: 


The Distillery Summer Market will take place every Saturday & Sunday from May 20 – September 1, rain or shine.


Designed to support and benefit local artists, artisans, and the 2SLGBTQI+ community this unique marketplace will feature shopping, live entertainment, and more June 5 – 11, rain or shine.


The Distillery Fall Market will take place October 7 & 8, rain or shine.

Featuring unique and artisanal products presented by vendors who can engage our community and speak knowledgeably about the local products they create, sell, and produce.

Please click here to submit our vendor application.

Please note: We do not accept applications submitted in person, via mail, or by any other method. Only those submitted via the online form below will be considered.


Some of the products that we are interested in hosting include:

  • Products that do not conflict with existing Distillery District retailers
  • Fresh flowers and plants (especially those suitable for condos)
  • Vegetables, fruits, greens, and grains
  • Seasonal produce including pumpkins, squash, and gourds during The Distillery Fall Market

The Distillery District does not feature the following products:

  • Mass-produced products
  • Jewellery
  • Candles
  • Baked goods
  • Ice Cream


  • Vendor applications will be subject to a jury process to ensure that all participants support the vision of The Distillery District
  • The markets are weekend markets.  All vendors are required to be open both Saturday and Sunday as per regular operating hours
  • If accepted, Vendors will be assigned an 6×3 apple cart
  • Vendors will be responsible for their own costs, including insurance, parking, and transportation
  • Vendors must commit to a term, and attend The Distillery Market for that term, rain or shine
  • Vendor areas must adhere to visual standards of cleanliness and professionalism
  • Vendors must carry their own insurance ($3 million minimum) as they will not be covered by The Distillery Historic District’s insurance

The Distillery District provides vendors with:

  • Advertising via our social media channels, and other online or print listings
  • Weekly musical buskers to add atmosphere
  • Access to public Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary use of market carts to sell from

The Distillery District does not provide:

  • Electrical hookups
  • Water hookups
  • Storage space for tents, tables, or goods


The Distillery District is a unique and beautiful venue for Buskers to showcase their talents and ingenuity to visitors and passers-by. The Distillery District is private property, and Buskers may not perform on-site without a valid Busking Permit.


Please click here to submit your online busking application.


You must provide a video of your live performance. We do not conduct live auditions.
Permits will be issued to Buskers who are determined to enhance the programming and atmosphere of The Distillery Historic District.

Permits must be visible at all times when you are performing within the Distillery Historic District. Buskers are not required to pay a fee for their permit, and may keep the proceeds from their hat and/or merchandise sales that relate directly to their act.


When Can I Perform?
All Buskers must receive approval from management in advance of any performances and receive a Busker Permit. Buskers must check-in with Security at the Gatehouse at 55 Mill Street before performing, and pick up their Busker Permit.

If you have a Distillery District Busker Permit, you may perform at any time between 10:00am and 8:00pm, unless there is a festival or other outdoor event scheduled. Please check our Event Calendar for upcoming events and festivals. If you would like to perform during a specific festival or event, please contact  to see if there are any busking opportunities.


Where can I perform?
Buskers may not perform in any place that blocks access to buildings or interferes with the day-to-day operations of residences, offices, or businesses in The Distillery District. Buskers may be required to move their pitch at any time by Distillery Security or other Distillery Staff at their discretion.

Buskers may perform in the following places:

  • On Gristmill Lane, near the large sculpture (no amplification)
  • On Gristmill Lane, near Arvo (no amplification)
  • In Trinity Square
  • On Trinity Street, north of Tank House Lane
  • On Tank House Lane, by the Love Lock sign


Important Information:

  • Performances may be electronically amplified, but must be kept at a reasonable volume and turned down if requested.
  • Buskers must be polite and professional at all times; belligerent or disrespectful behaviour to Staff, Security, patrons, residents, or business owners will not be tolerated.
  • Buskers must adhere to the Distillery District’s Code of Conduct (below).


Distillery District Code of Conduct

  • Your event/work or symbols therein appearing on The Distillery District grounds will not promote the hatred or derision of any group.
  • Your event/work is not an organized protest or political demonstration nor affiliated with such of any kind.
  • Your event/work will not cause and is not intended to cause unreasonable danger to the health and safety of the public.
  • Your event/work will not cause and is not intended to cause action which could incite violence.
  • The desecration of flags or other national symbols is strictly prohibited.
  • Your event/work appearing on The Distillery District grounds shall be consistent with the principle of respect for the dignity and worth of all persons.
  • You understand that no activities of any sort in relation to your event/work or its requirements are permitted to take place inside, on the patios, or in the entrance ways/door ways of any Distillery District tenants, shops, restaurants or spaces unless explicitly invited by the lessees of those spaces.

Please contact  for more information.