Les Louises Fine Foods Cafe In the Young Centre

Cafe in the Young Centre for Performing ArtsGoing to the cafe in the Young Centre for the Performing arts in the Distillery District on the way

Les Louise cafe in the grand foyer of the Young Centre for Performing Arts is a warm spot to visit in the wintertime.

The atrium has a central fireplace to sit around, a place to comfortably enjoy a green tea or fair trade coffee. If you are looking for nourishment with flavour, this is a good venue.

Les Louises has been in the Young Centre for Performing Arts since January 2011. This centre is known for their high quality theatre experience. This month they are performing the Odd Couple, which has been getting great reviews. Live theatre is always exciting but not always affordable, however there are usually social media contests that offer chances to win tickets.

We were not there for the theatre on a Monday afternoon, but for a healthy affordable lunch with fresh ingredients. We were told the cafe has a good variety of food and beverages, and we had to explore for ourselves.

Mountain View Estate Fair Trade Coffee and Tea Emporium

At the Young Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto Distillery District Cafe

The Artist Special has an appealing name so we ordered two. The menu changes on a regular basis but this spinach salad was light, satisfying, with a good amount of blue cheese, apples and walnuts. The name they chose for this creation was appropriate. I felt it was a good source of creative nutrition and motivational energy.

The Young Centre for Performing Arts Centre in the Distillery District

It didn’t stop me from looking at the hand baked goods displayed in the jars. The visual appeal will have me consider this treat for the next visit to go with the premium fair trade organic custom roasted by Mountain View Estate coffee and Tea Emporium teas. These are my favourite comfort drinks to order when the cold weather arrives. I can visualize meeting a friend or loved one, for a light lunch, warm drink and comfort by the fireplace here.

The National Ballet Development of Fine Foods

Although Les Louises has been in the Distillery since the beginning of the new year, they are not new to the passion of fine food. The owners Erin and Justine of Les Louises Fine Foods started their enterprise creating and developing nutritious healthy food for ballet dancers and staff at the in-house cafe at the National Ballet Centre. The board members for the Soulpepper who knew their food, made a request for the food company. They have made a transition and have received positive feedback from locals for their creative, light and delicious meals.

Theatre lovers and Local business owners

Les Louises cafe in the Young CentreThere is always something worth eating on the menu here. Cafe Les Louise serves baked goods, with choices of 5 – 6 sandwiches and specials. They also offer 3 types of salads and a soup that change regularly. Everything is made from on site from scratch with the use of a lot of organic ingredients, with the exception of the bread. The theatre experience is not a regular activity for most, so they made an effort to have an excellent selection of wines to accompany a great evening out. The healthy hand made lunch menu starts at noon but if you are hungry in the morning they have fresh baked goods too. For those who live busy lives the day menu is available into the evening until 8pm as well. Professionals who work in the Distillery District area, such as artists, business owners, and Toronto mortgage brokers with limited time for lunch, may want to call in advance to find out the specials and order lunch to alleviate wait time.

Fine Cheese, Beer, Wine and Bubbles

the drink menu at the cafe in the Young Centre for Performing arts centre in the distillery district

Many people want like to eat light during the evening and this cafe has kept that in mind. The cafe offers the same menu until the shows begin. There is always the option to order food beforehand if time is running short before your performance begins. They have fine cheese and meat trays available to go with the beverages. Unfortunately Les Louises does not have a full bar for those who want to really live it up; however,the wine, beer and bubbles will prove that it’s not about quantity but quality.